Friday, 20 March 2015

When Chasing Success you must take the Bad with the Good!

This week has been full of highs and lows. It started off with me successfully being one of four applicants shortlisted for two internships at the South African Women’s Legal Centre. I am extremely excited about getting this far and hope that I have worked hard enough to secure on of the two internship placements. I will keep you updated on the final outcome.

As the week progressed I was disappointed to be informed by Inner Temple that my BPTC Scholarship Application had been unsuccessful. (I will post a blog on their interview questions shortly to assist future applicants.) I had applied for assistance towards my second years tuition fees of £8,500. I was very disheartening to receive this letter, particularly considering I have one of my centralised assessments in three days time. I genuinely believe that I am deserving of one of the scholarship awards. I have worked so hard over the past three years while also caring for my children. It would be nice to have one less worry. However, I am sure every applicant believes that they deserve their Inn's support. (Over 350 people applied to Inner Temple in November 2014.) Nevertheless, I maintained my optimism safe in the knowledge that I received a partial scholarship of £5,000 towards my first years BPTC tuition fees, from City Law School in 2014. After all you can not expect to win everything!

Last but not least, to soften the blow, I was notified today that I have been shortlisted for the Volunteer of the Year in City Universities annual volunteering awards. This nomination is really exciting as I donate allot of my time to different pro bono projects and charities. If I win, this will be one of my most treasured accomplishments. It is really nice when your hard work is recognised. (I recently calculated that I have completed over 250 hours volunteering since September 2014 alone. I can only imagine that I must have completed around 1,000 hours of volunteering since September 2012.)

Can you can guess the moral of this weeks post? 'When chasing success you must take the bad with the good!' You can not be successful at everything. However if you keep working hard and concentrate on the task in hand your hard work will slowly pay of and you will start to see some reward, even if it seems quite small. Also, for those of you who are reliant on Inn scholarships to fund the BPTC, remember that competition is fierce and you may be unsuccessful. Therefore you should also aim to apply for smaller scholarship/bursary awards. You may be able to secure a few smaller ones that make a big difference to the final amount you need to raise!

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