Saturday, 18 April 2015

Choosing a Chambers that you are Compatible with for Pupillage

Here is some brief advice on choosing chambers that you are compatible with for pupillage.

  • Apply for mini pupillage at your preferred chambers. Some chambers expect you to have completed a mini with them before applying for pupillage.

  • Always complete a mini pupillage outside of your chosen area of law. You will then be able to demonstrate that you have made an informed decision.

  • If you have not completed a mini pupillage in a particular area of law or have not completed a mini until recently you need to explain why. For example has your availability been restricted due to you working full time in addition to your academic studies.

  • If you attend a mini pupillage you should send a letter to each member of counsel that you have shadowed to thank them. (One advocate that I shadowed was very appreciative of the letter I sent him as he said that he had never received a thank you letter from a mini pupil before. I found this quite shocking!) The letters can be similar but do not make them identical as they may compare letters and you will look insincere. You should thank them for their support and include a few lines on how the mini was beneficial.

  • Make some applications to chambers that are lower than your pupillage expectations. If you are accepted and you decide that you would not want to stay at that chambers long term you can always apply for a 3rd six at an alternative chambers. (Do not share your intentions with these chambers though!)

  • Observe the profiles/ curriculum vitae’s of the last Pupils that chambers have accepted. This information can usually be found on the chambers website. Consider their grades, qualifications and the type of people the chambers are looking for. Do you fit that? If not your time may be spent more wisely applying to alternative chambers.

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