Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May is in the Past, Vote for the Future this June

As a feminist who loves to see women succeed, I always dreamed of the day that I would see a female Prime Minister in the UK. I enjoy observing women who achieve success but to describe May’s leadership as an anti-climax would be an understatement. When I look at Teresa May I genuinely don't believe she even wants to be Prime Minister of our State. 

I'm lucky enough to know women who are confident, driven, intelligent and that make leadership look effortless. I have a positive outlook on life and always try hard to see the best in people. However, I sincerely do not see confidence, passion or leadership in May. Sadly, she comes across as awkward, uncomfortable and lacking passion for her position. She reminds me of that person in the office who begrudgingly accepts a task from her supervisor, despite hating the task.

May has called this snappy General Election like she's making a request to an intern to fetch her a Starbucks, without any regard for the amount of work that goes into preparing for elections by our local councils. What reason does she provide for further disruption and wasted public funds during times of division and a supposed drought of funds..."it will give me a stronger hand at the Brexit negotiating tables." Perhaps if her private education, decades of experience as a professional and access to a large team of legal advisors still makes her feel insufficiently confident to enter these negotiation this is because May is not leadership material and Brexit is not in the interest of the British public.  Meanwhile, her attempt at a little ego boost is costing an estimated £170 million while people working full time are visiting food banks and people who have paid taxes for decades are suffering from poor health because our NHS is struggling. 

Mays "strong and stable" slogans are completely empty. If you think that she is the answer to the horrific events that have taken place the past few months think again. Remember immigration would have been one of her main focuses for 6 years as the Home Secretary. If she had a magic wand to improve our security, why did she not wave it then? Personally, I see huge benefits in migration and open borders, but if May has all of the answers to our problems why has she not achieved any of it after being in a position of power for over 7 years?

If Teresa May cares about survivors of terrorism, then why is access to counselling and other support for people suffering PTSD so difficult? When I was in Nice and was lucky enough to survive the 14/07/16 terror attack, we had easy access to councillors within a couple of days through drop-in sessions all around the area. However, when I returned to England a week later, I had to go on a waiting list. Even after being 'fast tracked' up the list I had to wait six months!!! Six months with NO professional support after witnessing and feeling the unimaginable.

Then there are continuous cuts to vital community services and charities. Over the past 5 years, I have tried to dedicate a lot of time to charity work so I have a lot of insight into their struggles. In the past year in Northamptonshire alone I have seen a shocking fall in funding for vital services. In this short period of time, a local charity supporting local rape victims had to wind up. A charity that supports equality and challenges hate crime has lost over 75% of their funding. A national charity that supports young people living in troubled families or caught up in the criminal justice system has lost most of its funding in the county and has gone from offices all around the county and a large workforce to a mainly volunteer-led team working remotely and in a shared office space. I literally could write a book on the number of charities struggling to survive who are vital for supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. 

Vote for whoever you think is the most competent on Thursday. I believe in democracy so I would rather people vote for someone I disagree with instead of not bothering. Just pause first and ask yourself what stability you and the people around you have gained in the past 7 years under Conservative leadership. You might be both fortunate and privileged enough to think that you have not experienced any hardship under the Conservatives. Therefore, try to at least take the time to ask people working with the public (particularly the vulnerable) what changes they have noticed over both the past 2 years and 7 years under Conservative leadership. If you still decide to vote Conservative, then fair enough but you should be purchasing the drinks next time you are out as you must have a generous bank balance!

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